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Sustainable Tourism Project, Permanent Installations - Newquay

Expe­ri­ence Newquay is look­ing to com­mis­sion organ­i­sa­tions to cre­ate per­ma­nent instal­la­tions across Newquay town centre.

00:00 03/12/23
Contact Name
Ellie Allen

Experience Newquay is a project promoting sustainable year-round tourism whilst connecting local Cornish communities and visitors with Newquay’s unique identity via cultural activities and programming. The project will support and promote the local creative, leisure and heritage sectors, by providing a bespoke business training programme and supporting local businesses in the development of sustainable activities and itineraries that appeal to locals and visitors alike. As part of the project, cultural infrastructure will be installed in Newquay’s town centre to improve
and enhance its use. These interventions in the town will drive footfall to wider businesses and increase dwell time. These experiences will be promoted as a unique attraction to draw visitors to Newquay in the low season.

The main aims of the Experience Newquay project are:

Increase footfall to town centre from October to March

Increase visitor numbers to Newquay area from October to March

Reduce CO2 emissions of visitors (transport)

Cultural Commissions

Experience Newquay wants to commission organisations that will:

Develop and deliver events, workshops, talks, exhibition etc in
October/November/December 2024

Create installations in Newquay’s town centre

Lead on inclusive engagement with participants and audiences

Leave a permanent and tangible legacy for the town

Create experiences that can be promoted as part of a marketing campaign for out-of-season tourism

Aims of commissions

Ambitious, innovative & exciting


Celebrating the unique nature and distinctiveness of the autumn and winter seasons

Change perception of Newquay

Encourages participation

Sustainable and low carbon


The budget for this project grant is £30,000. There are 2 awards at £30,000/each and we expect the tendering to be highly competitive.

Organisations and individuals applying will be responsible for their own tax and national insurance payments and must have a current DBS check and public liability insurance.