Call for artists

Stone City

This open call is for art to be exhib­it­ed in the Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) Fes­ti­val from 26th May to 11th June 2023, sur­round­ing the theme of Bath Stone.

00:00 15/04/23
Contact Name
Archie Rogers
Surrounding Bath’s Artists and residents for hundreds of years, Bath Stone has had an unintentional yet profound impact on many people’s style, taste, and visual practice. The stories and images of how it was mined are both mysterious and captivating and will sit alongside a range of artwork which depicts or is inspired by Bath Stone.

Your submission piece or overall practice should take inspiration from the stone in some way, whether it may be its inherent warm tone, the structures it has formed, the atmosphere of the city, how it feels to touch, a memory it reminds you of, or even just using the material itself. We would love to see an artistic interpretation of what Bath Stone means to you!

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