Open call

Riddle 57 - call for artwork

Dou­ble Ele­phant Print Work­shop are ani­mat­ing a 1000 year old rid­dle and we want YOU to get involved!

Riddle 57 is one of many from the Exeter Book, a tenth-century anthology of poetry in Exeter Cathedral's library, recognised by UNESCO as one of the world's principal cultural artefacts.

The riddle can be interpreted many ways and we've collaborated with poet Jacob Polley and medievalists Prof Chris Jones and Dr Megan Cavell to explore a creative relationship with the text rather than simply seeking solutions.

Jacob has written some Picture Me prompts to elicit images from the text. Find out more on the project page

Simply use one or more of the prompts to draw/ paint/ print a picture and email us your image(s) by the 28 June. We welcome submissions from all backgrounds/ experiences/ practices and everyone will be credited.

Your work will form part of the animated and interactive riddle to be "played" online from August 2020.