Do you help out or vol­un­teer in Plymouth?

23:59 28/06/22
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Do you help out or volunteer in Plymouth?

Local artists LOW PROFILE are inviting hundreds of people who give their time to benefit others, to come together on Plymouth Hoe in July 2022 for a one-off, flash-mob style event.

40 years ago, Plymouth Guild of Community Service celebrated the city’s volunteers with hundreds gathering on Plymouth Hoe, standing together to make the word PEOPLE with their bodies. LOW PROFILE are re-creating this commemorative photograph 40 years later with people who live and work in the city and volunteer their time. This action will recognise, celebrate and honour the significant value of giving ‘free-time’ as a gift to others.

You’ll get more detailed information about the event, where to meet and what you’ll need to do in the run up – but as a quick overview, here’s what we’ll be asking of you as participants.

You will need to:

Sign up to take part in July’s event

Indicate your availability for three potential dates (allowing some flexibility for bad weather!) & put these dates in your diary

In the week running up to the event, we’ll let you know the confirmed date, time and meeting place on Plymouth Hoe
On the day, you’ll need to turn up at the confirmed time and location to get into formation with hundreds of other volunteers to spell out the word PEOPLE

We’ll then make a small speech together and have our photograph taken by a drone photographer from above.
Dates & Availability

As we will be using a drone to take the aerial photograph, the ‘PEOPLE’ event will only be able to go ahead in dry weather. Our first choice for the planned event date is Sunday 3rd July 2022. To allow us to be as flexible as possible (in case of bad weather), we have booked three potential dates on weekends during July 2022 with Plymouth City Council where we can gather on The Hoe to take the photo. These dates are listed on our sign up form (click the ‘Apply Here’ button below to see more). The gathering will happen on only ONE of these dates. The exact time of the gathering will also be announced in the lead up to the event, but will be between 9am-5pm on one of the specified dates. The event is estimated to take no more than 1.5 hours of your time.

Access & Disability information:

There will be Blue Badge parking spaces available on Plymouth Hoe on the day of the event (only a short distance from the meeting point for the event, across flat tarmac). You are very welcome to bring a carer or companion with you if necessary. Throughout the event, there will be a large number of people around, so it may be noisy at times. Participants will need to be able to stand (or sit if using a wheelchair) for up to 1.5hrs on the day. If this is difficult for you, please feel free to bring a fold up chair or other support you would find useful.
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