Open call

Open call - Guided walk at Botallack

Seek­ing a cre­ative part­ner to research, devel­op and run a cre­ative guid­ed walk Botal­lack, west Corn­wall, looked after by the Nation­al Trust.

The walk should connect visitors with stories from the mining landscape around Botallack, enhancing their understanding of both tangible and intangible aspects of the site. It need not be a conventional guided walk but use a variety of story-telling techniques to engage and inspire people’s response to this distinctive place.

Botallack is part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site in a landscape shaped by mining. Famous for the Crowns engine houses, there is also a large arsenic labyrinth and tin processing remains. Botallack’s Count House still stands, now a tenanted property as well as the workshop which is a leased café.

As a result of joining the walks, we would like participants to:
Primary objectives
• Acknowledge the creativity of Cornish miners over many years and their impact on landscape features you can see both at Botallack and beyond.
• Recognise Botallack is part of a World Heritage Site, acknowledging the impact of Cornish mining across the world.
• Understand what was needed to overcome the particular conditions at Botallack, to extract and process tin and copper.
Secondary objectives:
• Be inspired to find out more by visiting another Cornish Mining World Heritage site.
• Be able to recognise features similar to those at Botallack at other sites in Cornwall.

Intended audiences
The guided walk should cater for independent adult audience segments who visit Botallack outside of school holidays. They are likely to be adult couples with older children no longer living at home, tourists, possibly National Trust members or supporters. Walks will also be marketed to a local audience as well.

There may be people on the walks with existing knowledge of mining in Cornwall who are drawn to such sites and may have already visited Levant Mine or Geevor Tin Mine. However, Botallack also attracts visitors who come for the views and walking opportunities and may have limited industrial heritage knowledge.

The programme will be evaluated to understand the impact of the guided walks and shape future programming at Botallack.

The walk, no longer than 90 minutes, will be delivered between 4 and 10 times between October and December 2022, more than one walk can run per day.

Charging for the walks can be discussed however a proportion should be free for the public.

Parking is available and the café could act as a starting point for the walks. During the winter months the café’s opening times may be reduced however National Trust staff can open the building.

Free Tin Coast wi-fi near the café building.

Where possible the needs of all visitors should be considered in the walk’s design. Botallack has two ‘Trampers’ (offroad mobility scooters) which can be borrowed by the public.

Winter weather conditions need to be considered in risk assessments.

The National Trust will be responsible for the practical ticketing arrangements.

Other work to be aware of
These walks are part of the National Trust’s nationwide programme for Autumn/ Winter 2022 called Creativity and Invention. This programme aims to draw attention to places with connections to particular creativities. We are seeking to deepen the understanding of these places with independent adults, including our members.

Botallack already offers free 25minute tours of the key mine workings, several times a week.

Please submit an expression of interest with a brief outline of your proposed approach by email to Including examples of previous similar work and the details of 2 referees associated with this work. Evidence of appropriate levels of public liability insurance is necessary. Understanding of safeguarding and an activity risk assessment will also be required.

Key dates
• Creative partner appointed: 16th September
• Initial meeting: w/c 19th September
• First concepts and draft submitted: 26th September
• Research and development of content: 3rd October
• Final draft submitted: 10th October