Open call

Open Call - Emily Peasgood at GHT: Share your stories

Do you have any sto­ries to tell about our coast­line? Have you noticed it change in your life­time? Share your sto­ries for our upcom­ing exhibition.

Do you have any stories to tell about our coastline? Have you noticed it change in your lifetime? How do you feel about our coastline today?

Composer and sound artist Emily Peasgood is writing a song inspired by Southampton’s changing coastline, which will be the focus of an art exhibition at ‘a space’ arts’ venue God’s House Tower, launching in March 2022.

The song will be inspired by your memories and stories. It will capture how Southampton’s coastline has changed from its history as a spa town in the 1700s, to the formation of docks in the 1800s, their expansion in 1930s and today, as the home of a world-renowned research facility in ocean and earth science and a popular destination for travellers from across the globe. In all this time, the coastline has moved further and further away as the land encroaches on the sea.

If you have a story to tell, a memory, or an urban myth to share about our coastline please get in touch. Emily is interested in personal stories. Perhaps you have worked on the docks and have a memory there? Or have lived in Southampton all your life and noticed how it has changed?

All stories are important and the brief is wide open. If you have a story to tell, we’d like to hear it! All featured contributors will receive a copy of the song.

To register interest please contact Emily by 1st February at or telephone 07749 115 484.

Emily will be visiting Southampton between 24th – 29th January and will be also be available during that time to meet in person, at God’s House Tower or out in the community.