Call for artists

Open Call: Commission Proposals from Cornwall-based Artists

Cre­ative Ker­now is seek­ing pro­pos­als from Corn­wall-based artists for four com­mis­sions for an excit­ing new event, Flamm, in part­ner­ship with Art Night.

00:00 07/06/23
£6000 + £2000 Presentation Budget
Contact Name
Tonia Lu
Creative Kernow is seeking proposals from Cornwall-based artists and collectives for four commissions as part of an exciting new event, Flamm, in partnership with Art Night. These commissions aim to enrich the Flamm programme, engage audiences in new ways and support contemporary artists living and working in Cornwall by enabling them to make and present new and ambitious work. The commissions will be presented to the public in Redruth in October 2023 as part of the Flamm event, and we welcome different forms of presentation for both in and outdoor spaces.

In addition to the four new commissions, Flamm will present two commissions from the UK’s biennial national contemporary art festival of Art Night, which this year takes place in Dundee on 24 June 2023.

These works will be by artists Heather Phillipson and Richy Carey.

Heather Philippson’s Art Night commission is titled Dream Land (working title), a multi-part project that remixes and revoices archival BBC wildlife footage alongside her own sounds and images and is co-commissioned with Art Fund as part of their Wild Escapes programme.

Richy Carey will present {stereo – type – music} an installation and publication which emerges from his work with choirs, community groups and other collaborators from across Dundee. The work considers how publishing practices can shape the ways we listen to each other, and the kinds of music that can be created from collectively composed scores.

Each commissioned artist /collective will be awarded £6,000 to cover their fee, expenses and material / production costs. The awardees can choose how to use the budget between fee, expenses and material / production, however, we want to see at least £2000 of the award go towards the artist’s/collective’s fee.

In additional up to £2000 is available per commission to cover the costs associated with the presentation at Flamm, including but not limited to venue costs, equipment, tech support and invigilation/delivery assistance. Further information about the budget can be found in the Application Guidance Notes.