Micro-commissions for d/Deaf and disabled artists

CEDA is invit­ing pro­pos­als from d/​Deaf and dis­abled artists for two micro-com­mis­sions respond­ing to the theme Reimag­in­ing the Normal’.

Through its arts programme and creative network, CEDA (Community Equality Disability Action) supports a range of disabled artists, emerging artists and participants. We’re looking for artists to create new work to be profiled online. We’re also looking for people who might become part of our creative network and work with us on future projects. We’d like to extend the range of artforms we work with, so we’re particularly interested in proposals from illustrators and sculptors, but we’re open to ideas from all visual and digital art forms.

The micro commissions are open to d/Deaf and disabled artists, and to artists working as part of a group that includes at least one d/Deaf or disabled artist.

We’re looking for new work that engages and challenges audiences. The work should be designed to be shared online, but we’re also interested to hear about other ways that the work could be shared in lockdown and any ideas you have to share the work in a physical location after lockdown.

Your proposal should respond our theme:

How would you like the post-pandemic world to be? Is this an opportunity to challenge what ‘normal’ is? What are your thoughts about this time, and how can you use your ideas to imagine a better future?

The fee for each micro-commission is £500. There is also a small materials budget and an access budget.

Please send us the following information:
• Your name, email address, address and phone number
• Tell us something about you and the art you create. You can include a CV if you’d like to, a link to a website and/or images or a pdf of your work.
• How you propose to respond to one of the themes
• Any budget you are requesting in addition to the £500 fee. This could be for materials or access. Please tell us what you need the additional money for and how much you need.
• If you’re applying as a group, please tell us how many people are in the group, and how many of those are d/Deaf or disabled.

You can apply in writing to, or you can send us a short video in via WeTransfer in English or BSL.

If you’re applying in writing, your application should be around 500 words. This is just a guide. We’re not going to count all the characters, and we won’t stop reading if you extend to 600 words, nor will we think there’s something missing if you send us a great idea that you can explain in just 100 words.

If you’re applying with a video, it should be around two or three minutes long. Again, this is just a guide.

The deadline for applications is Friday 5 February 2021. We’ll let successful applications know by Friday 12 February, and work on the commissions should be complete by the end of March.