Manifest your Dreams - Creative Business Planning with Mel Larsen

Part of our series Busi­ness Skills for Ear­ly to Mid Career Artists, join Mel Larsen to learn how to plan the next stages of your career.

Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest ― Elizabeth Gilbert

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’ – Peter Drucker

Many people mistakenly think a business plan is a difficult or boring thing to create.

So they either put it off or write a long, dull document that one ever uses.

But business planning is actually the process of designing an inspiring, living roadmap to your Success.
In this interactive session, we will cover key elements of business planning in an enjoyable and creative way.
We’ll also explore how you want to shape your own business future including your income and your clients.

You’ll also be given a simple planning template to bring it all together.

This session is designed to boost your clarity and confidence: leave with a clear head and a heart full of passion!

This session is part of VASW's 'Business skills for Early to Mid Career Artists' series.

About Mel:
Mel Larsen is an internationally in-demand business coach with a proven track record of helping clients get amazing results. She coaches entrepreneurs and organisations to finally trust their BIG vision and joyfully, strategically grow the business of their ultimate dreams.

Mel has over 20 years of successful business coaching and consulting. Her work has taken her all across the globe including Russia, the Caribbean, Australia, Africa, Central Asia and Europe.

Fun facts: she's walked barefoot over hot coals with super-coach Tony Robbins, in 2019 she did a Facebook Live every day for 365 days, she’s also raised over £1,200 for food banks during Covid plus raised over £8,000 over the last 3 years in loans to help grow businesses in the Africa and South Asia via her FutureSeed initiative.