Open call

Flock Together

Com­mu­ni­ty Sewing Project

17:00 30/11/22
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Flock Together is our new embroidery project which uses stitch to unite participants in a shared language of making.

Inspired by The Red Dress, showing at ACEarts January 2022 and their ‘no borders no boundaries’ ethos ACE has devised this outreach programme of opportunities for the local and wider community to get involved in and become part of a collective Flock.

To move or gather in large numbers.
To cover a surface with a soft material in order to decorate it.
A group of birds or a group of people

This creative project is designed to empower individuals and build strong, inclusive physical and online community.

How you can get involved:

come to a workshop in the gallery space (starting February)
make your piece at home using materials you already have
get yourself one of our kits which are available online or in the gallery
and join our online community on Instagram at #Flocktogether22

see our workshop and events listings here

The brief:

Using a 10x10cm piece of white fabric and the theme of ‘Flock Together’ stitch your own design onto the fabric, share a picture with us and the flock community online on Instagram using #FlockTogether22 and then drop off or send the finished work to us at ACEarts, Market Place, Somerton TA117NB anytime during 2022.

Flock Together exhibition:

This aim of this project is to create a large public participation artwork. Each piece will be joined together into large panels and adorn our gallery walls for a 4 week exhibition in January 2023.
The final exhibition will celebrate the new collective will be a visual representation of the unity within the community.

Note: Participants do not need any previous experience of embroidery to take part. Due to the nature of the project we are unable to return individual pieces.
Public art