Finance & Office Manager

As part of the Senior Man­age­ment Team, The Finance & Office Man­ag­er will play cen­tral role – over­see­ing the finan­cial func­tions of the organisation

As part of the Senior Management Team, The Finance & Office Manager will play central role – overseeing the financial functions of the organisation, whilst providing direction and oversight to ensure we have appropriate systems and processes in place - helping Trinity to navigate the months ahead and realise our Vision: Creative Expression for All. Because art is a powerful tool to educate, improve well-being, empower communities and effect change.

Specific duties

Financial Management

1. Accountable to the Board of Trustees for the financial management of the charity and trading subsidiary, whilst assisting the CEO to provide oversight of financial systems and data, specifically:

· Prepare financial statements including quarterly Management Accounts, cash flow forecasting and finance reporting to the Finance Sub-Group, Board of Trustees and Leadership Team

· Provide information for annual audit and support auditor to produce SORP compliant annual accounts

2. Oversee Finance Officer to undertake general finance and bookkeeping duties in line with policies, procedures and law. Specifically:

· Process payments and inter-company transactions, recharge journals, payroll and reconciling accounts at month end

· Fulfil statutory requirements e.g. HMRC tax returns, corporation tax, Charity Commission reporting and PAYE/NI contributions

· Work with wider team to ensure good financial monitoring and record keeping (using QuickBooks - training will be provided), in accordance with agreed policies and procedures

· Periodic review of essential services e.g. insurance, utilities

3. Work with the Finance Sub-Group to:

· Develop budgets, including restricted project budgets, management and analysis

· Review and improve financial systems, accounting processes and procedures, producing/updating documentation as required

· Analyse financial performance to assist with strategic planning and decision-making e.g. analysis for cost-benefit, return on investment, demonstrate best value

Operations Management

4. Accountable for the fulfilment of HR duties across the organisation in accordance with relevant policies and procedures. Specifically:

· Develop and manage HR systems and processes incl employee recruitment process, leave, appraisals, training and professional development

· Oversee Finance Officer to conduct relevant checks incl DBS

5. Oversee Facilities Coordinator to undertake day-to-day operations duties of the Trinity site, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Specifically:

· Schedule and supervise facilities contractors incl repairs, maintenance, Fire Safety, cleaning, parking and general site management

· Implement risk management and internal staff training in areas incl First Aid, H&S and Fire Safety, ensuring any risks/incidents are logged with mitigating actions taken

· Maintain office and ICT functions to ensure smooth running of business functions

· Procure ICT hardware, H&S consumables, cleaning supplies and other site resources as required and in line with agreed budget

Leadership & Governance

6. Fulfil the role of Company Secretary, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements and relevant legislation

7. Line manage Facilities Coordinator and Finance Officer and oversee other relevant staff and contractors (e.g. external Auditor) as may be required

8. Contribute to the Leadership Team as an active member, supporting with business planning, strategic and organisational development, to ensure Trinity meets its aims and objectives


· Uphold Trinity’s policies; maintain excellent financial controls and implement relevant policies and procedures across the organisation in relation to accountable areas

· Take part and/or taking an active role in any training that may be required

Additional duties

Any other duties as may be reasonably required

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