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Dream, Mythology and Fairytale Creative Conversation Circle

Are you inter­est­ed in the imag­i­na­tion, the arche­typ­al, or folk­lore motifs? Please join me in form­ing a Cre­ative Con­ver­sa­tion group for this topic.

This is a mutual learning and practice-based research opportunity.

The Dream, Mythology and Fairytale Conversation Circle, will begin meeting in January 2022.

The purpose of this group is to embark on a shared journey in which we will explore and experience the intimate connection between the imaginal realm and our every day lives.

> Together we will discuss the symbolism and motifs of dreams, fairytales and mythologies, with reference to our own experiences, cultures and imaginations.

> We will read texts from my Active Imagination journal which documents ‘dreams’, ‘visions’ and ‘journeys’ with my unconscious. These will give us a theme, focus, or topic for each session.

> We will complete each session by doing a drawing (using creative writing or mark making) so that you also have a record of your journey.

By discussing shared symbols and individual meanings we will better understand the stories that shape our experience of the world and our ability to make them our own so that they become stories we can live.

Together, we are ‘A Dreaming’.

> Re-Wilding & Death of The ‘Too Good Mother’
> The Shapeshifter with a Raven Tattoo
> Rapunzle who shaved her hair
> Sedna who is ready to let go of her fingers
> The Girl Who Feels Responsible for Everything
> The Siren who wants you to remember who you are
> A Fairytale City Hands Me My Fear On A Plate


Sessions which will take place once a month from January – July 2021. The exact dates will be set and agreed with the group members who sign-up before 29 November. Please email expressions of interest to

Meetings will take place on Zoom between 10am and 12pm London Time, or 6-7pm depending on which time of day suits the majority of group members.

Texts will be provided once a month via email, in advance of each meeting and presented at the beginning of each.

There is no charge for taking part but donations can be made via my artist page on

Please email me at to express your interest today