Call for artists

Community Engagement Artist, The Bioregional Learning Centre

The Biore­gion­al Learn­ing Cen­tre is look­ing for an ear­ly career artist to help deliv­er cre­ative com­mu­ni­ty engage­ment in South Devon.

We are looking for an early stage career artist who lives in South Devon to work alongside the Bioregional Learning Centre from August 2021 to February 2022. You will shape and help deliver this exciting and complex project through its design and prototype phase. You will be aiming to gain experience in social and community-engaged art practices and learn by doing. This is a paid role with mentoring and peer support.

You will help develop and deliver a creative strategy as an arts, science and community-led response to the future of our rivers in a time of climate change. We are establishing a practice around water-saving and flooding, river ecosystem health and human health by re-shaping our relationships with the River Dart. And at the same time creating a prototype that can be widely shared with other rivers. We will be inviting community groups, river scientists, climate experts, farmers, fishermen, citizens and organisations up and down the Dart to voice the river in a way that is powerful, enjoyable and transformative.

10 Days at £150.00 per day.

In addition (2 days) peer support/mentoring will be provided by Anne-Marie Culhane & Jo Salter (, established interdisciplinary practitioners in creative and environmental community engagement as well as by the Bioregional Learning Centre.

• Join us in developing ideas for, co-design and co-facilitation of creative engagement
workshops. Ideally from 24 September when we have our first workshop.
• Identify different ways in which individuals/ communities/ organisations/
stakeholders can creatively express different voices of the River Dart.
• Assist with the administration and recruitment for the workshops.
• Assist in delivering up to four engagement workshops at different locations in the
Dart Valley.
• Assist in designing and delivering a small public performance.
• Collaborate with the Bioregional Learning Centre in finding ways to record this
socially engaged arts/science project as a prototype that can be widely shared.
•Collaborate with different community groups and with the Bioregional Learning
Centre team to develop ideas for a festival along the Dart in 2022.

For further information on the project and how to apply, please see the full job description attached.