Communications & Content Coordinator

Want to work for a dynam­ic and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ty in Bris­tol? We are cur­rent­ly look­ing for new col­leagues to join the team.

Bricks is a Bristol based charity that works with local, creative and social enterprise communities to both programme collaborative activities and secure the long term spaces our communities need to thrive in the city.

As Communications & Content Coordinator you will work across all of Bricks core areas, leading on content creation and delivery, pr and communications..

You will use a broad skill set in multi media production including content writing, social media coordination and management, photography, graphic design and video editing, to create content and engage audiences and communities in our work through digital and social channels as well as through traditional media and in person networking.

You will bring a cohesive vision across all platforms to connect our multi stranded practice, working closely with Bricks director and core area producers including the Public Art Producer, Community Producer and Artist Programme Producer to deliver joined up and coordinated communications for the whole organisation.

This could involve documenting a new public artwork, a community workshop or exhibition. It could be designing posters for an open call, arranging radio interviews, an instagram campaign, reaching out to partners to promote projects or an artist product. Working on signage and wayfinding for our new community hub, finding innovative ways to engage audiences around an artist commission or providing a comms report for a public art project client.

You will collaborate with Bricks team, local communities and artist communities to explore how a grassroots contemporary arts organisation publishes content both on and offline as part of the creative processes.

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