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Call for Entries: Creative Writing Submissions for Public Art Project 'Seeds of Change Extended'

Tak­ing cre­ative writ­ing sub­mis­sions to be fea­tured with­in a pub­lic art project.

11:22 01/01/21
Contact Name
Lola Ives
This opportunity seeks creative writing submissions for a public art project which is in its early stages of development. The intention is to gather an array of creative and hopeful manifestations focusing on the future of The Earth and all of its beings, written by individuals from all walks of life. The manifestations will be featured in an installation of some kind (ideas are still being played around with for the format of the physical installation) and installed in specific sites around Bristol, sharing our collective hopes and intentions for our future across the city, planting the seeds of change. 

The project is being created by artist Lola Evelyn Ives, as an extension of her initial 'Seeds of Change' project fulfilled earlier this year. 'Seeds of Change' was a making and installing of a selection of ceramic and textile seed-like sculptures around Bristol's green spaces. Concealed within each seed was a poem from her poetry collection 'Words for The Future' for participants to find. With intentions to create poetic and visual tools that encourage the participant to deeply think about the current shift in consciousness taking place, aiming to harness the power of thought, imagination, and manifestation to inspire personal, collective, and planetary transformation.

Submission Details:
For the project to have full effect, it is essential that your submission is written in the present tense, as if all of the ideas that you are sharing and recording are true and happening right now. For example: 'Earth's eco-systems are rich and flourishing, creating a powerful life-system which emanates throughout Earth.' 'We listen to each other's stories and visions. Through doing so, we exchange a multitude of wisdom and emotional understanding as individuals and a collective.' 

The word count for each submission is a max of 200 words, if you go over this word count be aware that some of your writing may be cut out. When I receive your submission, I will reply with a Co-Collaborator decoloration for you to sign and return to me. This will give me your consent to include your writing within the project. Here you will also be able to declare whether you wish to remain anonymous or not within the project. 

Please do not be afraid to express your deepest, most imaginative, wackiest, and strangest hopes and ideas of how Earth and all of its living beings could truly thrive in the near or far future. Be bold and be confident in your manifestations. 

To Submit:
You can either enter your name, email address, and your submission on this page, or you can email me with the same details at If you have any questions, comments, or further ideas for the project, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
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