Open call

British Art Show 9: Creative Programme Open Call

Can you help cre­ate and deliv­er a cre­ative pro­gramme of activ­i­ties and events across Ply­mouth in the run up to and dur­ing British Art Show 9?

23:59 30/05/22
Total budget available is £17,500
Contact Name
The Box
British Art Show 9
The British Art Show is one of the most significant art exhibitions produced in the UK as well as an ambitious collaborative project. The exhibition is a landmark event for the visual arts, defining current tendencies and directions in contemporary art and introducing a new generation of artists to a wide public.

The exhibition will open in Plymouth from 8 October-23 December 2022 with works displayed across the city at The Arts Institute, MIRROR at Plymouth College of Art, KARST and The Box.

British Art Show 9 explores three overarching themes – healing, care and reparative history; tactics for togetherness; and imagining new futures. Each of the four exhibitions has adapted to local contexts. In Plymouth the exhibition is centred on the migration of bodies, peoples, plants, objects, ideas and forms.

The brief
We want as many people to experience British Art Show 9 in Plymouth as possible, in particular those not currently engaged with contemporary visual arts.

Recently commissioned research has indicated a number of priority audiences and we want to reach these through an ambitious engagement project. The project should drive interest in and awareness for the show across Plymouth in both the lead up to, and during, the exhibition.

There is a total budget of £17,500 for this work.

What we are looking for
Activities which respond to themes of the British Art Show in Plymouth which is centred on the migration of bodies, peoples, plants, objects, ideas and forms. We are open minded about the form this might take, but we expect that activities should support people to explore their own creativity in some way.

Activities which are highly visible or which can be delivered at scale to reach large numbers to support widespread city-wide awareness.

A single programme approach. This could be delivered as a recurring event or activity delivered multiple times in multiple locations, or it could be a range of activity that falls under one broad ‘umbrella’ programme.

We are especially interested in reaching 16 – 24 year olds (including students), families with children and in PL1 and PL5 neighbourhoods; all of whom are audiences we are keen to encourage to visit.

Activities should provide added value through associated digital content– for example through photos, videos and social media content from the delivery partner(s) and participants themselves which further drives awareness of, and interest to attend, the show.

Deadline for applications: 30 May 2022
Activity delivery: Late July-Late December 2022

Who can apply
We’d love to hear from you how we might best work together. We welcome applications from those who wish to plan and deliver all of the activity as well as from groups of organisations who wish to produce an umbrella programme of work in response.

We'll be hosting a webinar where you can find out more on Friday 20 May at 11.30am. There is no need to book. Go to and use passcode 478754.

To apply
Please send an application outlining your/your organisation’s recent relevant experience along with a project proposal by 12noon on Monday 30 May to

Please ensure that your project proposal includes: an overview of the activities, how you will reach participants and the proposed numbers that the activity would reach, the digital opportunities the project offers, potential locations for activities and full costings.

We welcome applications in any format, whether written, audio or visual. Project proposals in written format should be no longer than 2 pages, audio/visual applications should be no longer than 5 minutes.

Applications will be assessed by a panel, with decisions by Friday 10 June.