Artist-producer callout

Corn­wall-based lead artist to lead a col­lec­tive of inter­dis­ci­pli­nary cre­ative prac­ti­tion­ers to work along­side our Uni­ver­si­ty com­mu­ni­ty in Penryn.

Commission Theme: ‘Civic Joy’- A collaboration with University of Exeter, Cornwall Campuses
Artform: All, Cross-Arts, Interdisciplinary
Timeline: Feb 2024 – Feb 2025, consistent but flexible/part-time

We are inviting expression of interests for our 2024 Arts Commission responding to the theme of ‘Civic Joy’.

In a world filled with busy schedules and digital distractions it’s easy to forget the true essence of togetherness. Something extraordinary happens when individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to support each other in a common cause – we’re calling it Civic Joy.

Our 2024 Art Commission will explore how University of Exeter, Cornwall and its partners can catalyse Civic Joy in Cornwall and how this is an important element of Civic Action.

We are seeking a Cornwall-based artist-producer who is excited and ready to lead a collective of interdisciplinary creative practitioners to work alongside our University community in Penryn to shape a creative programme exploring Civic Joy.

Linked to our commitment to our recently signed Civic University Agreement, we will invite you and the other creative practitioners to explore how curious acts of playful creativity can 1) improve the civic working lives of our campus community and 2) lead to exploring Exeter University’s mission to be a Civic Change Maker in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly, linked to our commitment to local priorities and our 2030 Strategy, investing in a Greener, Healthier, and Fairer future for all.

We are keen to reach a Cornwall-based lead artist from any artform background, but participatory arts, co-creation and community engagement should all be important elements of your practice and art-making ethos. Your interest in how playful creativity and artistic practice can contribute to wellbeing and civic connection will be essential. You will be the holder of the commission and ultimately responsible for the agreed outputs and artistic direction of this year-long programme. However, you should be willing to invite and lead a group of interdisciplinary Cornwall-based artists to be part of your wider creative project team and ensure their input is meaningful and well-resourced from the project start date.

Supporting the wellbeing of our staff and students is incredibly important to us. Both active Arts Participation and Cultural Engagement have been found to lead to lower levels of long-term Mental Distress and higher levels of both Mental Functioning and Life Satisfaction and creativity, joy and community are all cited by NHS professionals as important protective factors contributing to mental wellness.

The Arts and Culture, University of Exeter team believe:

In order to pour our assets into our community, we must first fill our cups.

Therefore, we are interested in how creativity and playful creative practice can equip our University community with the tools to thrive, feel fulfilled, and build a stronger civic culture both internally and externally.

This newly formed creative team, under your leadership, will invite our staff, students, partners and communities to explore, with open-ended curiosity, what ‘civic joy’ means at the University and beyond. You will do this through co-curating creative content with and for them.

Download the full callout and application instructions through the website link provided on this page.