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Art Vending Machine

The Art Vend­ing Machine dis­pens­es pack­et sized art, cre­at­ed by local and inter­na­tion­al artists. Locat­ed at the Exeter Phoenix.

18:00 10/03/23
Contact Name
Guolin Qin
Put in the coin and out comes the box.
Put in the curiosity and open the surprise.
Put in the creation and create a new audience.

Located in Exeter, the exclusive Art Vending Machine (AVM) is a miniature, portable and approachable way of surprising the public with five different items stored and sold in groups of 25 each, all contained in cardboard boxes measuring 58x90x22mm.

Artistic dreams of making a unique cigarette scent...
If you want your artwork in an artsy cigarette box, please scroll down...
If you want to get your miniature artwork discovered with dimensions smaller than 58x90x22mm, look further down...
If the £1 surcharge makes it worth your while, scroll below...
If this hypothetical sentence has no more assumptions attached to it and you've read this far, then This art box must be yours!

This year, the AVM will be curated by 发件人: Guolin Qin. If you would like to be a featured artist for Art Week 2023, please apply via this Google form:
*DEADLINE 10th March*