Call for artists


Focal Point Gallery and New­lyn Art Gallery & The Exchange are look­ing to appoint an artist to cre­ate a new com­mis­sion for a simul­ta­ne­ous exhibition

12:00 03/03/23
£2,000 fee & £3,000 production budget
Contact Name
Kathy Hill
Focal Point Gallery and Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange are looking to appoint an artist to create a new commission for a simultaneous exhibition in Southend-on-Sea and in Newlyn/Penzance at the end of September 2023 working in partnership with external organisations.

This project will reimagine ways to engage the residents of Southend-on-Sea and Newlyn/Penzance and raise awareness of the climate crisis in relation to coastal communities dealing with the threat of rising sea levels due to climate change, through innovative contemporary art programming that will connect local audiences at opposite ends of the south coast of England. This is an opportunity to work alongside dedicated services and organisations working with pioneering nature-based solutions to coastal defence and to help reach carbon-neutral objectives in each locality.

Focal Point Gallery and Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange are each located in coastal towns with unique marine environments, and with dual economies of tourism and fishing. We each serve communities facing the real threats of climate crisis and rising sea levels, as well as high levels of deprivation due to low income. With a shared ambition to ensure this project not only raises awareness but promotes direct action to tackle the environmental emergency and its impact on our seas, we shall partner with locally specific environmental organisations and community groups to help engage new audiences for contemporary art and make our work relevant and useful.

We have identified five objectives which are guiding our development of the exhibition.

The project must directly inspire measurable change
We will partner with environmental agencies to inform our work
We will inspire curiosity around climate change, engaging new audiences through the selection of works that are appealing to them
The project will reflect our shared and differing geographies
We will inspire visitors to make achievable changes in their daily lives

This project is supported and funded by Art Fund.

A single commission will be awarded from the open call. The successful individual will be awarded £2,000 fee and £3,000 production budget and will be developed with Focal Point Gallery and Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange. To apply, please provide a PDF of images of your work and an accompanying statement of no more than 250 words outlining your interest or a two-minute video submission and a short biography.

All submissions or enquiries should be sent to