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All The Colours – CALL OUT!

Cre­ate a col­lage or pho­to for All The Colours, a com­mu­ni­ty art project. It needs to be in one dom­i­nant colour, to be fea­tured on bus­es in Somerset!

All The Colours: community art on buses in Sedgemoor

Help brighten up the buses!

Fiona Campbell is one of the commissioned artists leading a community art project via Seed, called Art First. They are engaging the public, especially those in Sedgemoor, an/or who travel on buses.

‘Fiona Campbell, Karl Bevis, Jem Dick and Sharon Jacksties are working on three projects, which will produce artworks co-created with Buses of Somerset passengers and staff, and other members of the community. The finished works will be displayed on 30 buses across Sedgemoor.’

In Fiona’s project All The Colours she is inviting people to create a collage or submit a photo in one dominant colour, reflecting on their responses to a bus journey, the past year, a particular experience, mood, feeling, moment, personal or global memory. The images will be part of a photomosaic hologram chameleon, which will change colours at different viewpoints and will be featured on 30 buses for passengers and community to enjoy.

Fiona will be running free (covid-safe) workshops; there will be a prize draw and an online exhibition of all submissions.

For further information and to participate please visit and head to Fiona’s page 'All The Colours', where you can SUBMIT.

We’d love you to get involved!

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Tel: 07515537224 (Fiona)