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Cul­ture West­on is a part­ner­ship-led ini­tia­tive that places cul­ture at the heart of Weston-super-Mare’s dai­ly life and future growth.

Culture Weston is a new partnership-led initiative that places culture at the heart of Weston-super-Mare’s daily life and future growth. It is led by North Somerset arts organisation Theatre Orchard, in collaboration with the local community and funded by Arts Council England.

With its friendly community, playful heritage and bucket-fulls of opportunity ready to be shaped, Weston has so much to offer residents and visitors alike.

Culture Weston helps to illuminate and develop all that makes Weston ‘super’ through offering advice and support, developing partnerships and collaborations and instigating new initiatives that can help forge an optimistic, people-powered future for this creative town.

The emerging cultural landscape is as broad and full of potential as the vast skies: its colours will mean something different to everyone. Culture can transform many different areas including health and well-being, regeneration and talent development, and we want to work together to create the right opportunities for you and for the town to thrive.

Our first couple of years have been adventurous and wide ranging and have included the Weston Arts + Health Festival, GLOW light trail, Live at the Quarry and Lullaby. We have worked with internationally acclaimed artists, such as Luke Jerram and Morag Myerscough, and many local artists, such as those from Weston-based arts’ collective From the Mud! We have partnered up with independent businesses, think Loves Live on the Lawn Festival with Loves Cafe, or The Brit Bar at Music Declares Emergency festival in Grove Park. Our HQ is at the community-led Weston Artspace on the High Street and we’ve also had a couple of pop-up workshop spaces in Sovereign Centre.

As part of West Of England Visual Arts Alliance, Culture Weston and North Somerset Council are working together with VASW to engage local stakeholders in developing the capacity and profile of Weston-super-Mare as a viable destination for the visual arts, with a focus on providing new opportunities for early-career artists facing barriers to access.

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