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FaB is a test-bed for new ideas, a plat­form for ear­ly-career Cura­tors and Artists, or those who pre­fer to oper­ate out­side the gallery-based scene.

FaB aims to raise the profile of contemporary visual arts, to provide opportunities for early-career and emerging artists, and put art in unusual places in unexpected ways for people to happen across and interact with.

The FaB team organise a two-week festival of contemporary visual art exhibitions, events and workshops in Bath, UK, in May/June each year. Free for all to attend, occupying empty shops, unusual spaces and making appearances around the streets of Bath

FaB started as (and still is) Bath’s only annual contemporary visual arts festival, growing out of the Bath Fringe Festival’s visual arts strand to become it’s own organisation in 2007, and sees itself as a cheeky little sister to the Bath Fringe (visit www.bathfringe.co.uk for info)

The committee organising the festival are all volunteers and all do it for the love of the visual arts. If you are keen on seeing more decent art happening in Bath and have a love for the visual arts as much as we do then please help, see our volunteer page.

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