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Gallery Pangolin

World-class sculp­ture gallery with a renowned rep­u­ta­tion for works of qual­i­ty and excel­lence by Mod­ern and con­tem­po­rary artists.

Hidden away on a river bank in the ancient village of Chalford on the edge of the Cotswolds, Gallery Pangolin opened its doors in 1991 on what was once a Victorian industrial site at the heart of the Golden Valley.

The idea grew out of the need to represent the enormous variety of sculpture cast on the same premises by Pangolin Editions art foundry, and continues the age-old association between a foundry and gallery.

Now a well-established and recognized specialist in sculpture and related works on paper by both Modern and contemporary artists, Gallery Pangolin boasts an excellent reputation for works of quality and integrity.

The exciting annual programme includes themed and solo shows, publications, lectures and films and collaborations with other galleries and museums. Gallery Pangolin also co-ordinates public commissions, curates major exhibitions of sculpture and acts as an agent for artists and collectors.
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