Sacred Thing

Lim­it­ed edi­tion sculp­tures and exhi­bi­tions by con­tem­po­rary artists

Sacred Thing is an art gallery and publisher of affordable limited edition sculptures, founded in 2019 by curators Barnie Page and Holly Featherstone.

Sacred Thing came about from a mutual love of mantelpieces, our sentimentality for the objects we choose to place on them and the possibility for interaction between objects of the heart and objets d’art that can happen on the surfaces of our home interiors. We work closely with artists to facilitate the production of exciting artworks and to create an in-road for art lovers to collect domestic scale sculptures by world class artists. We believe you don’t have to be an “Art Collector” to collect art.

We kept talking about the importance we ascribed to “things” in our homes and we started to refer to them as being sacred. The joining of the holy and the colloquial in our company's name is reflective of our anti-hierarchical ethos and our belief that interactions with art in the real world are just as (if not more) meaningful as encounters in the temple of the white cube.