Funding Available to Arts and Heritage Organisations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Access a list of key emer­gency fund­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties for arts and her­itage organ­i­sa­tions, com­piled by Zoe McLeod of Counter Cul­ture LLP.

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The VASW team have been finding this PDF compiled by Zoe McLeod of Counter Culture an invaluable resource when discussing the opportunities available for emergency funding during the current COVID-19 crisis. All the funds mentioned in the attached document are either directed at the art and heritage sectors or will consider supporting organisations as part of a broader voluntary sector investment.

To ensure that you are as up to date as possible with regards to any existing funding programmes you may be connected to, Counter Culture have also made sure that information on any changes has been noted on this document making it a concise and clear resource for all.

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