Regional Interference

Kit Poulson

I applied to regional interference because I had a body of paintings which I had never shown. I realised that I was not aware how to reach an audience.  I have been making and showing art for over a decade, however this focussed on an artist led performance/event structure, not particularly suited to a painting practice. So although I made paintings I rarely showed them, except through entering open competitions.

When I moved to Bristol I wanted to make changes to this pattern. Increasingly I wanted to make a slower more reflective kind of work, and to put together a solo show purely of painting.

Also there were compelling personal reasons, the high energy, do it yourself work was not particularly suited to my new role as a (forty+ year old) father.

My submission to Regional Interference was based purely on painting and writing work and I was delighted to be chosen. The programme has given me a new burst of confidence, both a desire to make a new body of work, but also in validating what I have done in the past.

I have particularly enjoyed the connections and conversations that have begun because of the work WORKS|PROJECTS have done in disseminating my work through their networks. Some of these links have been conceptual- others financial, with works being sold.

For me Regional Interference has been incredibly interesting and positive experience. It has showed me how a gallery can support an artist in a variety of ways that extend far beyond simply displaying their work. The longer term investment of time and trust in introducing and backing an individuals work to the wider world far exceeds what an individual can achieve alone. It also provides the artist with a sense of perspective allowing subtle work to develop (an artist alone in the studio can generate some fairly extreme positions, not all of which are that useful to their work…).

Alongside opening the show at the gallery another high point was the afternoon I spent with the critic Martin Herbert who Simon Morrissey, the Director of WORKS|PROJECTS, invited to write a critical reflection on my new work. We discussed painting, writing, and everything else, and later he produced a beautiful piece of writing about my work. This, I thought, makes up for all those hours carrying heavy objects up stairs doing casual removal jobs to pay for paint and studio rents.

The programme has lead directly to several new opportunities. The next event for me will be a solo show at the Exeter Phoenix where I shall show a new set of paintings and some sound work.


Kit Poulson was born in 1967 in East Bergholt in Suffolk. He studied in Edinburgh (History) and Middlesex Universities (Fine Art). He has worked in theatre, set building, as an illustration agent, gallery technician, run a paint workshop and taught and lectured in art schools, most recently for a year at UWE in Bristol.

Poulson works with a variety of media, particularly painting and writing. He recently published a book, The Ice Cream Empire, published by Bookworks. But Poulson usually describes himself as a painter; it is a way of thinking that lies at the core of what he does. He frequently collaborates, and has worked at various points with sound, music, sculpture, and dance.

Image: Kit Poulson, Meeting the relatives, 2010, Oil, tempera acrylic on board, 14 x 16cm

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