Stumps / Future Meteorites

Image Credit: Christopher Jarratt

Kobi & Teal, 57 Catherine Street, Frome, BA11 1DA

[email protected]

Friday 01 March 2019 – Saturday 13 April 2019
Opening Hours: 10am-4.30pm Wednesday - Saturday

Stumps / Future Meteorites explores a future where origins and remains of life act as portals to a past event. These future meteorites, in this instance the tree stump, allow us to question the past, giving insight into a moment in time. The stump becomes a time capsule. What stories do they hold, what happens 'post tree'?

A collection of paintings, sculptures and print editions are set in part real world, part fantasy landscapes, and draw influence from places Christopher has experienced. Through the use of colour and adjustment of context, Christopher combines a refined colour palette of washes and rich tones to produce work that reflects his vision, creating new visual and physical landscapes. Kobi & Teal invites you to visit these places and objects, and let your imagination take control.


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