Make:Shift:Do - Printing Beyond The Flat Surface

Image Credit: Xavier Aure

Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol, Bower Ashton Campus, Kennel Lodge Road, Bristol BS3 2JT

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Friday 28 October 2016 – Saturday 29 October 2016
10am to 4pm Friday 28th October and 10am to 1pm Saturday 29th October
Opening Hours: 10am to 4pm Friday 28th October and 10am to 1pm Saturday 29th October
Admission Fee: Free
Booking essential
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Join the Centre for Fine Print Research in Bristol and meet our researchers who are conducting internationally acclaimed practical research into the artistic, historical and industrial significance of creative print practices, processes and technologies.

Experience ceramic tissue transfer and explore how we are using current technology to future proof this 19th century process. Burgess & Leigh is the last remaining UK factory producing ceramic tableware using this traditional print method. As such it has a unique manufacturing process, where distinctive tissue prints of heated underglaze ink or 'colour' are generated from hand engraved copper rollers; these are then cut to size by hand, and skillfully applied to bisque ware. Though beautiful, hand engraving like this is unfortunately a vanishing craft. We have collaborated with Burgess & Leigh on a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership to introduce laser engraved rubber rollers to run alongside the copper in production; this will future proof the artisan tissue application and allow this unique practice to continue as a viable industrial technique.

Find out how we are working with the National Gallery to assess how 2.5D and 3D scanning, measuring and printing methods can be used to study and preserve cultural heritage objects. See examples of our research which exploits advances in digital fabrication techniques and smart, responsive materials which behave like artificial muscles, moving and changing shape when stimulated. The demonstration will include Polyjet 3D printing, a high-resolution 3D printing technique which allows complex shapes, structures and mechanisms to be fabricated in a single print.

Also on display will be a soft robotic tentacle which moves in a lifelike way when stimulated by electricity. We will also demonstrate our unique 3D printed ceramic process developed and patented by the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England Bristol. This process allows a ceramic model to be 3D printed directly from a CAD file, that can then be processed as a conventional ceramic by high temperature firing and glazing. The geometric freedom allowed by this process means that ceramic forms impossible to make by conventional ceramic processes can be realised. Alongside this exciting new method we will demonstrate our 3D printed ceramic extrusion process, aligned to super-fast microwave firing to allow customised ceramic pieces to be formed and fired in minutes rather than hours.

Hear a discussion on the intersection or art, design and technology, using the Centre's new 6 axis robotic arm as the focal point focusing on the current approach to rapid fabrication technologies and how these may be re-evaluated and appropriated by the Creative Industries. Take part in practical hands-on sessions that demonstrate the laser cutter as a making tool. Visitors will have the opportunity to produce and keep an item by creating simple files on the computer that can then be cut and engraved into materials on the laser cutter. The laser cutter is a versatile tool used to cut and engrave into many materials and used in many scenarios, from heavy industry to schools to designer/makers. In the Centre for Fine Print Research we are particularly interested in the laser cutters ability to create printing blocks, how it cuts and engraves fabrics, and its manipulation of paper and card to create packaging, books and three-dimensional objects.

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