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Claverton Down

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Saturday 17 September 2016 – Saturday 22 October 2016
Opening Hours: 10-5pm Closed Mondays
Booking recommended
Booking recommended for certain events. Visit website for further information.

KNOW-HOW is a schedule of events celebrating the importance of sharing and applying knowledge in society. Showcasing the wealth of skills and knowledge held by local residents Know-Howfunctions as a ‘live’ exhibition, marking the University of Bath’s 50th anniversary alongside the 500th anniversary of Sir Thomas More’s 1516 text Utopia in which the writer depicts a civilisation who adopt a communality of possessions.

The Edge galleries host five weeks of talks, demonstrations, lectures, workshops and practical sessions in which applied skills and ‘know-how’ are shared between individuals and communities, with events aimed at those with a fondness for self-improvement; and interest in learning new practical skills. A timetable of events will be published in August and include a symposium The Next 50 Years of Knowledge looking at how knowledge might shape our lives by 2066.

FREE ENTRY The exhibition and all events during Know-How are free to attend. Please note booking may be required in certain instances.



Ways to take part in Know-How

ATTEND AN EVENT: Frequently hosted and co-ordinated by local citizens, events will cover topics such as health, democracy, economics, sustainability, furniture-design, sport, construction, entrepreneurship, the natural world and more. Talks, demonstrations, lectures, workshops and practical sessions will be listed on these pages from August.

USE OUR SPACE FREE OF CHARGE & SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE: During Know-How, our galleries will be transformed into sites that stimulate action learning. Book them tohost your own knowledge-sharing events and/or workshops at no cost.

SOLVE A PROBLEM BY INCREASING WHAT YOU KNOW: If you’re local to the Bath & North East Somerset region and have a challenge or obstacle plus at least four friends or neighbours who share the same conundrum, get in touch and we’ll aim to help you with it.

LOOK TO THE FUTURE: How will the knowledge we have now shape our lives in the future? What will things look like in 2066? Academics, thinkers and stargazers come together to give you their best guess in our symposium The Next 50 Years of Knowledge in October 2016.

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