Jamie Fitzpatrick: Big Dick

Image Credit: Until you see the whites of their eyes, 2017

Exeter Phoenix

01392 667080
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Saturday 24 November 2018 – Sunday 03 February 2019
Opening Hours: 10am - 5.30pm, daily

Exeter Phoenix is pleased to present Big Dick, a solo exhibition of new work by the London-based artist Jamie Fitzpatrick.

The exhibition is loosely inspired by Moby Dick, Herman Melville’s classic novel of obsession and revenge on the high seas, and brings together a raft of characters set adrift on the high seas. Represented by three monstrous, over-sized heads, each narrates their own part of a disembodied narrative in which Fitzpatrick explores the psychology of hysteria and the struggle for power in an environment of shortened resources and tightening borders. In the confines of the raft, his castaways are forced to recreate and institute a social community of conformity and hierarchy while (off-stage) a vast, pink, patriarchal whale/deity constantly threatens to eat them - as they themselves contemplate a desperate descent into cannibalism.

The exhibition also marks the first time the artist has exhibited a suite of large-scale drawings along side his sculptural and installation-based work.

Fitzpatrick works predominantly in sculpture and commonly employs motifs used in figurative, patriarchal depictions of masculinity and nationhood. His practice deals with the rhetoric of image making, the relevance of the figure in the history of art and how totemic objects such as flags, statues or plinths are used to impose forms of power and control. His domineering works clearly display the hand-made marks of their own construction but are realised in a variety of synthetic materials and garish colours. Darkly satirical caricatures set out to undermine themselves, serving to question and subvert with the added implication of some transgressive act. Elements of animatronic movement, sound and video animate his themes, transforming sculptures into both actors and sets and, more recently, extending this process to create complete environments within which sculptures may narrate, sing, and story-tell.

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