Image Credit: Simon Faithfull

The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance, TR18 2NL

01736 363715
[email protected]

Saturday 15 June 2019 – Saturday 05 October 2019
Opening Hours: Mon - Sat, 10 - 5
Admission Fee: £3.30 (incl Gift Aid donation) for a seven-day pass to both venues | Free entry for Supporters, U18s and Local Art Pass holders

A new film work, Re-enactment for a Future Scenario no.2: Cape Romano, was shot in the water-bound ruins of a futuristic beach house off the coast of Florida. Following two hurricanes, the remaining domes are visible above water but now 50m from the shore, highlighting the continuing shifting of boundaries.

Other works present lone figures in unlikely landscapes; a man striding slowly but purposefully over the seabed, and a silver-suited figure who time and again boards a burning plane, surviving in a landscape consumed by another element, fire. (see Read More below).

Faithfull has also curated an international group exhibition, Europe After The Rain, at Newlyn Art Gallery. Inspired by Max Ernst’s 1942 surrealist painting, the exhibition presents dystopian terrains and imagined landscapes to come.


A new film work will be Re-enactment for a Future Scenario no.2: Cape Romano, shot in the water bound ruins of a futuristic dome-home on an island off the coast of Florida. Built in the early 1980s as a holiday beach house for an oil magnet, the house was badly hit by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and was no longer habitable, though the structure remained. In 2005, Hurricane Wilma struck, eroding the coastline and further destabilizing the house's foundation and by 2013 it was sitting in 2m of water. The remaining domes are still visible above water but now 55m from the shore. What was land is now sea; the continuing shifting of boundaries and of one’s place on this planet.

Self Portrait – Halley Research Station, Antarctica, 12.05am is a portrait of the artist, upside down, at the bottom of the world, in sunlight at midnight. Going Nowhere 2 is a film of a man walking at the bottom of the sea. There is no indication why he is there; he strides slowly but purposefully away from the camera, pushing through the murky water till he disappears in the distance – a brief glimpse of someone from another world.

Similarly, in Re-enactment for a Future Scenario no.2: EZY1899 a figure in a silver protection suit is caught in a Sisyphean dream – endlessly boarding and re-boarding a jet plane that is on fire. Flames emerge from the engines and spread to engulf the plane. The figure walks through the shimmering heat, climbs the steps and enters the flaming vehicle to take his seat and wait. Before walking back off the plane. And back on again. Surviving in a landscape consumed by another element, fire.


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