Drawing Exhibitions by Elsbeth Buff and Deenagh Miller

LT Gallery

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Thursday 06 June 2019 – Tuesday 02 July 2019
Drinks Event Sat 8 June 3-6pm
Opening Hours: Tues, Fri, Sat 10-4, Thurs 12-7 or by appointment
Admission Fee: Free to attend


'Making the Old New' by Deenagh Miller
Saturday 8 June 3:30pm
Free to attend


Artist's Demonstration by Deenagh Miller
Saturday 15 June 2-4pm
Free to attend

Elsbeth Buff was born and grew up in Switzerland and has travelled extensively since, spending time in France, Jersey, Barcelona and Morocco to name a few; now living in Nempnett Thrubwell, Somerset. Having drawn and painted much of her ninety-odd years, the drawings in this show are mainly recent and made during the night; a few at a time. Although her art is perhaps seemingly childlike, she has developed a sophisticated visual language with which she spontaneously expresses a multitude of observations and emotions; often very succinctly. Her need to draw is not to impress or emulate or please or influence others necessarily; and the work is honest, forthright and unhampered as a result. You can find great humour, arguments, fear, madness, contemplations on religion, death (babies going to heaven), beauty of nature and angels. There are also lines or marks and exuberance of colour which have no recognisable form but belong in the works just because there some things out there and in our heads and hearts which have no images or words we can employ to describe them but are still part of life and need to be part of Elsbeth's artwork too.

Deenagh Miller studied History and History of Art at Bristol University 1975-78 followed by a Postgrad (PG) at Bristol Polytechnic in Graphic Design and Illustration 1981-82. She was a tutor of adult education at the City of Bath College 1989-2007 and has followed her own practice since her studies exhibiting in Bath, Bristol, Italy and France. As well as the recent drawings you can see in this show, she has been prolific in making paintings and pastel works. Born in 1952 and living in Bristol since 1975, she currently spends half her time living and working in Bagni di Lucca, Italy. She began the drawings in this exhibition in September 2018 following a chance opening of a catalogue of paintings by Veronese. The possibility came to her of using frameworks similar to the arched structures she saw in some of the frescoes as a starting point, into which she brings through pen and ink, a variety of different imagery including plants, animals, ballet, jazz and contemporary dance, elements of artworks throughout history by artists such as Poussin, Titian, Sebastiano del Piombo, Michelangelo and many others to create a playful composition with serious intent.

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