CVAN represents and supports a diverse and vibrant visual arts ecology, embracing a broad range of artistic and curatorial practice across the nine English regions


VASW is part of the Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN), initiated by the Arts Council of England. We are dedicated to working together to realise a stronger visual arts for the benefit of artists, arts organisations and audiences, present and future.

What is CVAN?

CVAN is a national consortium of artists, arts professionals and arts organisations in England that work collectively to find new ways to strengthen the visual arts, and to support the arts more broadly. Whilst every regional CVAN organisation has their own particular focus and identity, the purpose of the overall network is to connect people working in the visual arts with each other, and with professionals in other fields around the world, in order to share information, ideas and resources.

Its Mission and Values

CVAN's mission is to support and promote the visibility and resilience of the contemporary visual arts ecology in England, advocating for our regional arts institutions, spaces, and artists, and working for a sustainable future for our world-class contemporary visual arts sector.

Its values are to:

  • Be sector led and mutually supportive.
  • Celebrate the distinctiveness and different contexts of the regions.
  • Embrace a broad range of artistic and curatorial practice.
  • Recognise and draw upon the expertise of regional groups to collectively build knowledge for the sector to share.
  • Commit to collaborating and advocating for each other in order to benefit contemporary visual arts as a whole.