Colin Higginson - There will always be rocks on the road

Image Credit: Colin Higginson

Test Space, Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX

0117 929 2266

Saturday 21 July 2018 – Sunday 05 August 2018
Opening Hours: 12-5pm daily, closed Mondays


Friday 20 July, 6-9pm

Colin Higginson’s current work is motivated by an interest in experimental archaeology, language, display and where the natural and built environment meet.

‘Choruses from the Rock’ by T.S.Eliot, has been a key reference in developing this new work.

The Eagle soars in the summit of Heaven,

The Hunter with his dog pursues his circuit.

O perpetual revolution of configured stars,

O perpetual recurrence of determined seasons,

O world of Spring and autumn, birth and action,

The endless cycle of idea and action,

Endless invention, endless experiment,

Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness;

–Extract from; Choruses from the Rock by T.S.Eliot


Colin Higginson

Higginson’s art practice incorporates sculpture, model making, photography, film and installation.

His work is motivated by an ongoing interest in history, memory and representation, particularly in how meaning is constructed through narrative and artifice, with an ongoing interest in the connection between the object, image and sculptural object.

He employs various methods to mediate these relationships, including recreating specific objects from archival photographs - transforming a two-dimensional image into a physical and tangible object.  This method gives rise to the notions of imitation, authenticity and seeks to reveal new meaning and narrative.

More recent work has been focused on structure and form particularly exploring objects that imitate nature.

Colin Higginson is Founder director of Art in Motion (AIM)

Colin Higginson has been collaborating on a regular basis with Artist Marcus Jefferies.



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